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The Challenge

Mobilozophy took all the right steps with marketing. They invested in an updated website, a CRM system, and marketing software. But even with those investments, they still had difficulty reaching their target audience, organically.

Mobilozophy turned to Media Fusion to  streamline their marketing efforts and develop strategies that would generate more targeted visibility at the top of the funnel and so that sales could work the opportunities at the bottom of the funnel.

The Process

Our relationship was broken down into different phases of deliverables. During phase one, we re-evaluated their marketing assets and helped refine their ideal buyer's personas. Additionally, we re-designed elements of their website to align with the strategy and highlight the company's unique service offerings and resources. 

After laying the groundwork we moved into phase two, which focused on attracting visitors to the website. We immediately began publishing search-optimized blog posts, social media posts and targeted email campaigns on the company's behalf. 

The Result

Our growth-focused strategies increased visibility and attracted over 240% more qualified traffic. Today, our efforts continue to help Mobilozophy meet and exceed their revenue goals.


organic growth over time

About Mobilozophy

Mobilozophy is a privately-owned mobile marketing intelligence company that provides businesses the opportunity to expand and strengthen customer engagement strategies by offering today’s mobile consumers a personalized customer experience via mobile and other wireless devices.

Industry : Technology, Mobile

Products & Services : Strategy, Planning, Process, Organization, Execution, Support

Key Deliverables

  • Inbound Marketing
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