Lead Generation


Generating new opportunties and nurturing contacts through all stages of the buying cycle.

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Lead generation is the process of converting visitors on your website into quality leads, which can then convert into sales. Usually, visitors become leads when they fill out a form in return for some sort of offer (e.g. a webinar, a trial, etc.) on a targeted landing page. These leads can then be qualified and distributed to your sales team! By using great content to attract new visitors, and targeted landing pages and offers that encourage people to convert, you will generate leads.

Conversion Paths

Lists & Segmentation


Assessment & Analysis

Lead Generation Strategies

Establishing a blog with calls to action is one common way that people generate business leads from their website, simultaneously educating people about their business and guiding people who want to learn more to the right place. Other common ways of generating leads for business includes paid search ads like AdWords, email marketing, and more. The common thread among all of them is bringing your visitors to a form where you can collect information on them.

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How Media Fusion Generates Leads for You

Media Fusion does not buy leads or lists, we help clients attract their leads through the inbound marketing methodology. The main objective is to convert visitors online, qualify them and then work them down the sales funnel.

How We Do Lead Generation

  • Develop a lead intelligence strategy
  • Create more targeted messages based on lead intelligence
  • Leverage social media profiles
  • Score leads appropriately for sales and marketing teams
  • Notify you when a lead returns to your website
  • Mine data on your existing leads to help work them down the sales funnel

If you’re website isn’t generating leads, it’s time to find out why.