Content Marketing & PR


Increase brand awareness and strengthen credibility. 

Strengthen Brand Awareness and Reach

80% of decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles vs. an advertisement.

You’re not alone. More than 62% of companies outsource their content marketing and that number continues to grow.

Blogger Outreach

Community Relations

The Concept

When it comes to content marketing, is not about pushing creating a random set of thoughts posted across a few web pages. It’s about educating and communicating to your audience about topics that are valuable to them. By doing this, you establish authority, trust and a connection with the reader (your prospect).

The same is true with PR. In order to earn media time you do that by creating a story that is of interest to your audience.

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The Beauty of Content Marketing

Media Fusion does all the hard work for you, crafting your content around engaging topics such as, do-it-yourself blogs, how-to articles, facts and statistics. With today’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts influenced heavily on content, you not only position yourself as an expert in your field, you also improve your website’s search engine rank. Media Fusion’s team of writers create meaningful content that aligns with your buyer’s personas, ensuring the message is resonating with the intended target.

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