About Us


Attract. Engage. Nurture. Convert.

An Integrated Marketing Company

Media Fusion is an integrated marketing company located in Tampa, Florida. Our approach is quite different than other agencies; adapting our services to align with the way people consume and process information.

Many of the tools we use to promote our clients are less traditional (TV, Print, Radio) and more digital (blogs, videos, social media). Our marketing team is very agile and tech-savvy, reflecting this truly transformational period in the marketing industry.

Media Fusion isn’t focused on accomplishing specific tasks, we’re focused on achieving immediate and long-term goals. We help clients increase website traffic, inbound links and  generate qualified leads.  Our marketing results are measurable and based on real data that matters, not ad-value, press clippings or how many posts were made on social media.

Media Fusion goes beyond the traditional, the ordinary, and the tired. Our Tampa, Florida based digital marketing agency is trained to monitor, strategize and act in real time with proven results. We serve as a seamless extension of your marketing department.

The Art of Fusion

Fusion is the act of uniting or blending into a whole. That’s what Media Fusion does. We fuse content,  social media, and search marketing into cohesive and effective integrated campaigns.

Traditional forms of media are not what they used to be. Additionally, the way we consume our information today, is much different than the way it used to be.  Isn’t it about time businesses change the way they market? This is where Media Fusion fits in.

Core Values

  • Help First
  • Be Creative
  • Be Accountable
  • Show Integrity
  • Create Impact