the art of fusion

Fusion is the act of uniting or blending into a whole. That’s what Media Fusion does. We fuse content,  social media, and search marketing into cohesive and effective integrated campaigns.

Our approach is quite different than other agencies; adapting our services to align with the modern buyer's journey.

Many of the strategies we use are less traditional (TV, Print, Radio) and more digital (blogs, videos, social media). Our marketing team is very agile and tech-savvy, reflecting this truly transformational period in the marketing industry. We help clients enhance their image, expand their visibility and increase their opportunties .  Our marketing efforts are measured and based on tangible data, not ad-value, press clippings or how many posts were made on social media.


Considering Working With Us?

We know how much consumer behavior has changed and how it’s affecting other companies, too. We see it every day.
There’s a better way to market your business, and we’re here to help you do it.

Our Core Values

Technologies and methods constantly change. But there’s one constant that remains year in and year out: the way we support clients and treat one another. 

Our five core values helped develop our foundation and they keep us strong. We use the values to measure ourselves, as well as the qualities we seek in our employees, vendors, partners…even our clients.


Help First
Feel Passion
Be Accountable
Show Integrity
Create Impact


What Our Partners Say


Media Fusion is on the edge of technology! Great company to work with!

Jamie Meloni
That Business Show

I have been working with Media Fusion since 2008 and have seen amazing results. I will continue to utilize their services going forward and would highly recommend them to any business owner looking at creating exposure and growing their business.

Kelley Prince
- Founder - Behavioral Consulting of Tampa Bay
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